11 Fun Games to Play on Your iPhone

With billions of people turning to smartphone games ahead of other leisure activities, the industry has seen an explosion in both large-scale, and independent games. But when faced with so many options, how can you find out what’s worth your time? In our blog, we have selected a handful of fun games from all genres as well as from big publishers to small teams.


Without a doubt there are no other games like Fantasian, the game’s enchanting experience is unmatched. With its captivating soundtrack composed by Nobuo Uematsu, and outstanding visuals provided by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, players are transported to another world as they travel with wide-eyed amnesiac Leo across the game’s fantasy world in search of the truth. Saddle up to play Fantasian which is full of wonder, and adventure!

Desta: The Memories Between

Are you looking for adventurous games that will bring the stories from your hometown to life? Look no further than Desta: The Memories Between. This unique roguelike tactics game puts a twist on traditional dodgeball by facing off against dream versions of people with whom you have unresolved issues. From engaging minute-to-minute gameplay, imagine if Hades met XCOM, with intriguing narrative elements, and character development – this is sure to be a thrilling journey through difficult emotions without allowing its tone slip into despair! 


Gris is an experience like no other, one that encourages you to explore a world of emotions, and adventure. Players traverse the game as an emotionally broken young woman, whose spirit rises in tandem with unlocking new abilities and filling her world with color. Through memorable puzzles, breathtaking landscapes, and touching moments of friendship, this short, but powerful journey conveys profound messages about perseverance during times of depression. Without combat or death mechanics implemented throughout gameplay, Gris is one of the most unique games which can be completed within just hours!

Mario Kart Tour

For Mario Kart fans who want to keep the action going beyond the Switch, check out Mario Kart Tour on your smartphone! This version of Nintendo’s beloved racer has unique maps, and challenge courses that can help hone your skills. Moreover, many of these same tracks have made their way into Mario Kart 8 for even more variety. If you’re looking for something a bit different with a classic nostalgic flair, give Super Mario Run a try! It’s an auto-runner where you control when our favorite Italian jumpsuit wearer hops along each stage. Play both games today, and see why racing games are still so popular two decades later!


Haven’t played PUBG before? This might just be your sign to play it! With its online battle royale multiplayer format, and millions of players worldwide, PUBG has gained international fame since it was developed. Get ready to enter the ultimate fight for survival! If you are into games that give you a taste of an epic battlefield, then you might become a fan of PUBG. 

Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite introduces a fresh take to the classic MOBA experience, combining an expansive selection of beloved characters from the show. This game offers all you love about League of Legends while adding the signature Pokémon flair, and unique gameplay features into the mix – creating something truly special for fans both new, and familiar! 


With an intriguing blend of card battler, and roguelike RPG mechanics, Solitairica is the unique game that makes Solitaire a whole lot more fun. Players are able to customize their class decks as they progress while making use of various items throughout which adds up to its amazingly addictive gameplay loop! Seeking even further challenges? Face off against Emperor Stuck in order to save puzzle gaming – it’s all part of this one-of-a-kind experience. Be warned: Once you get started on your mission for victory over evil forces, good luck resisting just “one more match”!

Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a fast-paced card game where players build decks with superhero, and villain cards to create the ultimate winning strategy. The special abilities of each character can change the flow of play, making for thrilling rounds that wrap up in just minutes! With three locations on board, challenge your opponent by pushing total power levels above their own – if you prevail after 6 turns then victory is all yours! Thrillingly quick games like this are an ideal way to keep minds fresh during short breaks or light entertainment between more serious tasks.

Card of Darkness

Card of Darkness, the latest brain-teasing card game from acclaimed designer Zach Gage, and beloved Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward is now available on Apple Arcade – but don’t be fooled by its inviting graphics! Players are challenged to traverse a grid with careful strategy as they attempt to cut each deck in their path, picking up every item or fighting any obstacle that stands before them while considering all possible outcomes. Be prepared for some tense decisions; should you opt for the sword at the top of the pile despite possibly revealing several enemy cards beneath it? Play Card of Darkness and find out!

Dicey Dungeons

With its release on PC, and consoles, Dicey Dungeons has become widely-recognized as one of the best mobile games around. Combining elements of Pokémon with dice rolls to determine your moves in each battle creates a unique challenge that requires some skillful playing before success is achieved. As players progress through their runs, and unlock additional characters, they will find themselves constantly challenged by more complex obstacles which ensures the game remains interesting for long periods of time – making it an excellent game to play with friends.


Ready for the puzzle game that will get your brain working, and keep you entertained? Threes is just what you need! With its charming characters, intuitive controls, and no ads to distract from the challenge of combining tiles up, down or side-to-side in pursuit of ever higher numbers. Published four years before the game 2048, but designed with more finesse than its viral successor; Threes offers a superior gaming experience perfect for short bursts while on break at work or during those long commutes. Get ready to join millions already enjoying this nerdy yet sophisticated classic puzzle game – it’s time to play some Threes!


Smartphone games can be far more than just entertainment – it has the potential to help those who participate build interpersonal skills, increase confidence in their abilities, and develop proficiency under pressure. It’s a fun way to gain these important life skills! Keep an eye on Upcellit website for many more recommendations for games, and a lot more!

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Global Traders

Our mission is to make technology affordable; to empower the world by extending the life of used electronics through the hands of others.



Our mission is to make technology affordable; to empower the world by extending the life of used electronics through the hands of others.

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Thank you for visiting global traders!

Please visit our website daily to see all the latest phones and accessories uploaded to our shop. We are uploading new products daily.

Want to know all the latest news about Global Traders?
Visit our socials.