7 Best Mindfulness Apps to Try in 2023

Our smartphones can be a great tool for expanding our mindfulness practice since we use them with intention, and thoughtfulness. Utilize your smartphone to deepen your understanding of the mindful lifestyle! Life can be a challenging endeavor with its unpredictability, burden of obligations, and tasks that may seem insurmountable. Tap into the power of meditation, and mindfulness with just a few easy clicks. Discover how utilizing one of the many beneficial apps in this blog can help you achieve complete inner peace today!


With Headspace, users have a wealth of resources to go beyond just sitting still – they can find mindfulness in everyday activities! Incorporate mindful moments into your work routine; apply it while commuting or exercising. Their Today Hub features a customized program to help users infuse mindfulness into their day with an exercise or class. In addition to this, the other main Hubs – Meditate, Sleep, Move, and Focus– offer scientific guidance on topics such as managing anxiety or boosting self esteem through mindful practice. 

With its tailored options, and special SOS segment that offers quick access during times of distress; Headspace provides accessible ways for everyone in any situation to unlock inner wellbeing from wherever they are. With an ever-growing library that is regularly updated, there are countless paths available for users to enhance their well-being through the power of mindfulness, and meditation.

Healthy Minds Program

The Healthy Minds Program app is a great way for those new to mindfulness to take their first steps on the journey. Not only does it provide comprehensive lessons, but users can also tailor guided meditations – ranging from 5-30 minutes in length – based upon each lesson’s topic. Start your exploration of mindfulness by connecting with its segment Foundations, then build up through Awareness, Connection, Insight, and finally onto Purpose

Start discovering the world of mindfulness with its various single-session meditations, and lessons, ranging from stress to relationships, unravel hidden depths right away without having made any financial commitment yet since The Healthy Minds Program is a free app. Also, don’t forget about that unguided timer tool with which you’ll be able to try out silent meditation whenever you want.


Calm is the go-to app for mastering mindfulness! Calm has been recognized for its unique approach to mindfulness, offering an intuitive user experience that meets the needs of all users. Rather than assuming everyone is a beginner, and following a linear path progression, the app offers free-flowing access to content at any level; experienced members can find exactly what they need without being stuck listening to the fundamentals first.

Calm also has intermediate courses on hot topics, like sleep and gratitude taught from experts in their fields – doctors, authors, even famous people such as LeBron James himself.


Aura is a self-care app that can easily pass as the one of the most innovative mindfulness apps, thanks to its personalized approach, and holistic selection of tools. It starts by getting to know users through an extensive onboarding survey before curating tailored recommendations based on individual mental health needs. 

Aura uses gamification elements as well as providing access to guided meditations, insightful stories, and sleep-enhancing tracks – all designed with users’ wellbeing in mind! Plus, their weekly content releases can help you find new inspiration on your mindfulness journey without a doubt! 


Breathwrk is revolutionizing the way people are managing their health, and wellbeing. With more than 1 million active users, it’s one of the most popular apps today for practicing mindulfness. You can personalize each experience by selecting from various exercises, animations like circles or waves, as well as a breathing monkey! Beyond simple relaxation techniques which help you to fall asleep faster or wake up with ease; Breathwrk also offers targeted treatments addressing specific conditions such as sore migraines, asthma symptoms, and much more. Breathwrk provides more options for incorporating breathing exercises into your daily life. Habits like the Deep Sleep, and High Energy give you control over when to practice these crucial exercises, while classes provide even deeper benefits such as increased energy or relief from stress or anxiety.

With Breathwrk, you can unlock the power of breathing through multi-day challenges, and track your progress with individual stats. Whether it’s improving your maximum exhale or achieving breath-holding success, this app is packed with useful content to help make long-term changes in healthy habits! Get ready to make conscious breaths a part of each day!

Mindfulness Coach

The Mindfulness Coach app can help you open the door of understanding the out-of-the box thinking, physical, and emotional wellbeing. This free app has you covered for all your mindfulness needs – from a beginner’s introduction to mindful training through advanced expertise topics within the practice area; also tools that can track progress along your journey!

The racking tools make it easy to boost your mindfulness practice, from setting goals, and tracking progress with assessments, to using a personal notes section for journaling. As you work through meditations, and lessons in the app, watch as your home page’s Mindfulness Tree grows over time!


Take control of your breath and negative emotions with iBreathe. This simple app offers adjustable inhale/exhale cycles, minimal distractions, custom presets — including box breathing to address anxiety as well as stress — all on a calming blue screen display. You even get feedback about how many breath cycles remain in each exercise! From 4-7-8 to ujjayi or something more customized for you.

With iBreathe, users can find a simple, and effective breathing aid to help them learn the classic techniques. It provides an essential tool for developing healthier habits in relaxation, and mindfulness. Join the healthier breathing journey today with iBreathe!


Our world has become smaller over the decades, and with modern technologies available like the apps mentioned in this blog, you can learn, and engage in mindfulness practice even with a busy schedule, just a few taps is all you need! Upcellit is here to provide useful tips that will help you make the best use of your smartphone, follow for more! 

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Our mission is to make technology affordable; to empower the world by extending the life of used electronics through the hands of others.



Our mission is to make technology affordable; to empower the world by extending the life of used electronics through the hands of others.

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Please visit our website daily to see all the latest phones and accessories uploaded to our shop. We are uploading new products daily.

Want to know all the latest news about Global Traders?
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